Zofia Nasierowska Religion: Was She Christian, Jewish, Or Islam? Ethnicity


Zofia Nasierowska, a renowned photographer and artist of her time, passed away on October 3, 2011. In light of her fans’ and followers’ curiosity about her religious beliefs, let’s delve into Zofia Nasierowska’s religion and ethnicity.

She has made a significant impact as a photographer and artist in the photography industry. Sources suggest that her portraits added a touch of romance to women and subtlety to men. While initially focused on landscape photography, she gained recognition from leading photography agencies primarily for her portrait work.

She began her career at age 20, capturing her first photograph with actress Nina Andrycz. However, her big break came when she photographed the renowned actress of the era, Lucyna Winnicka.

In 1958, Zofia’s photography featuring Lucyna graced the cover of the magazine “Ekran.” Her skillful use of lighting to create monochrome images contributed significantly to her rise to prominence in the field.

Zofia’s talent in photography led her to join the Polish Photography group ZPAF in 1956, and she was also honored with the title of “Artiste FIAP” by the International Federation of Photographic Art.

Zofia Nasierowska Religion: Was She Christian, Jewish, Or Islam?

Zofia Nasierowska’s religion remains unknown. She has not publicly discussed her religious beliefs during her lifetime, so it is unclear what her religious affiliation or beliefs were.

We have discovered that Zofia Nasierowska practiced Christianity, as evidenced by her Christian wedding ceremony with her former husband, Janusz Majewski. Her husband, an author and director, shares the same religious affiliation.

Zofia Nasierowska Religion – Christian Wedding
Source: Viva.pl

At her wedding, she wore a white gown complemented by a beautiful bouquet, while her spouse looked dashing in a black wedding suit. They met during their time at the institution. The couple remained married until her passing, leaving behind two children named Pawel Majewski and Anna Majewski.

Zofia Nasierowska Family And Ethnicity

Further, Zofia Nasierowska was born on April 24, 1938, in Lomianki, Poland. She was the daughter of Eugeniusz Nasierowski, who was also a photographer. Unfortunately, there is no available information about her mother.

Zofia held Polish nationality and belonged to the West Slavic ethnicity. She graduated from Lodz Film School for her educational qualifications. Her passion for photography began at the age of seven.

From the age of seven until her passing, Zofia remained deeply passionate about photography. In 2009, she published her biography, where she shared her journey and experiences in the field.

“My father had so much passion that he could teach a chair how to photograph. I didn’t have to go to a puppet theatre, the performance took place in the dark room, where my father would show me different tricks.”

Her father undoubtedly served as a role model for her and her career.

Zofia Nasierowska Died At The Age Of 73

The late photographer Zofia Nasierowska passed away in October 2011 in Warsaw, with her death attributed to old age. She was laid to rest in the Military Cemetery in Powązki.

Her legacy lives on through her inclusion in Karolina Lewandowska’s book, “She-documentalists: Polish Women Photographers of the 20th Century.”

Zofia Nasierowska Grave
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Reportedly, Google Doodle pays tribute to Zofia. Every day, Google Doodle pays tribute to late talents, and Zofia is one of them. So, they chose to pay tribute to Zofia for their April 24.

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