Who Is Kevin Chamberlin’s Husband, Michael Gans? Married Life And Family

Kevin Chamberlin Husband

Kevin Chamberlin has openly come out as gay and has been married to his husband. So many have questioned who Kevin Chamberlin’s husband is. So go through the article for the details.

Born on November 25, 1963, Kevin Chamberlin is an American actor mainly known for his theatrical roles, like Uncle Fester in the musical comedy The Addams Family and Horton in Seussical.

He stepped into acting from a young age, taking on the role of Huck Finn in his elementary school’s production of “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer,” a novel by Mark Twain in 1876.

Kevin was born in Baltimore but grew up in Moorestown, New Jersey, where most of his early years occurred. After completing high school, he pursued his passion at the Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in acting.

Kevin Chamberlin has earned three Tony Awards and three Drama Desk Award nominations for his excellent talent and achievements.

As such, Kevin has accumulated much fame to his name, leaving many curious about Kevin Chamberlin’s husband.

Who Is Kevin Chamberlin’s Husband, Michael Gans? Married Life And Family

Back in 2010, Kevin Chamberlin shared in an interview that he was in a romantic relationship with someone. However, he didn’t reveal the name. But he did say that his partner was a television writer.

On June 26, 2015, he took to Twitter to share his happiness about the Supreme Court’s ruling that made gay marriage legal in the US. In one of his responses, he said, “Yes, I am happily married,” which further added to his dating mystery.

By then, there were already rumors that he was gay and might be married to a guy, which turned out to be true.

It was revealed that Kevin Chamberlin’s husband is Michael Gans, and they have been married for quite some time now. Kevin overcame his uncertainty about his identity and is now a proud gay man.

So, who is Kevin Chamberlin’s husband, Michael Gans?

As per IMDB, Michael Gans is a writer and producer born November 23, 1963, in Contra Costa County, California. He is best known for his works on SG, Sex, Love & Secrets, and Make It or Break It.

However, little information has yet been revealed to the public regarding their married life and family members. Also, they have no children, biological or adopted.

Kevin Chamberlin And Michael Gans Time During Lockdown In 2020

According to the interview with Playbill, Kevin Chamberlin and Michael Gans made the best of the lockdown by playing games and solving many puzzles together.

Moreover, a friend gave Kevin Chamberlin’s husband an Oculus, so they also learned to play VR games without damaging their surrounding furniture.

Kevin also revealed that he was working on songs for a new musical based on a wild French film from the 1980s that he was developing with his husband, Michael Gans, and his other writing partner, Richard Register.

Sadly, he lost his dear friend and fellow actor Cameron Boyce on July 6, 2019, who had co-starred with him on a Disney Channel show called Jessie.

Cameron was only 20 when he passed away due to an epileptic seizure in his sleep. As such, he has also openly supported the Cameron Boyce Foundation, which aims to reduce gun violence and cure epilepsy.


Is Kevin Chamberlin related to Emma?

Though he and Emma share a last name, the spelling discrepancies (Emma Chamberlain, Kevin Chamberlin) indicate that they are unrelated.

Was Kevin Chamberlin in Law and Order?

He also appeared in the episode “Redemption” of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, where he played a man named Roger Berry. He also appeared as a guest in the sitcom Frasier in season 10, episode 13.

What did Kevin Chamberlin do?

Kevin Chamberlin is among the few Broadway actors nominated for a Tony Award in three of four acting categories: Best Actor in a Play (Dirty Blonde), Best Actor in a Musical (Seussical), and Best Featured Actor in a Musical (The Addams Family). He also received Drama Desk nominations for these roles.

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