Sarina Wiegman Parents: Father Nico Wiegman And Mother Wil Wiegman-van Meppelen Scheppink

Sarina Wiegman Parents

Albeit England’s Women’s football team did not win the FIFA World Cup 2023, football fans are praising the team and looking for more on the legacy of team coach Sarina Wiegman parents.

Sarina Wiegman, better known as Sarina Wiegman-Glotzbach, is a former football player from the Netherlands who currently manages the England Women’s national team.

She started her career as a footballer playing central midfield and later played on defense. She then joined the women’s soccer team at the University of North Carolina.

Sarina later played for a team called Ter Leedde when she returned to the Netherlands and played for her country’s national team from 1987 to 2001.

The fantastic football player played 104 times for her country, but many of those games were not officially recognized as they were not part of FIFA.

Later in her life, Sarina coached the Dutch national team, leading them to win the UEFA Women’s Euro in 2017.

Sarina Wiegman Parents: How Did Her Parents Help Her Play Football Illegally?

Although many other women footballers were coming to rise, it was rare for a fantastic player like Sarina to emerge in her time.

But Sarina Wiegman’s parents did not accept the taboo and instead ensured she wasn’t left behind.

In an interview, Sarina opens up about her parents’ father, Nico Wiegman, and mother, Wil Wiegman-van Meppelen Scheppink, being a big reason for her success as an athlete.

She said in an interview that it was illegal for girls to play sports when she was a kid. She added,

When I started playing football as a six-year-old girl we weren’t allowed to play, so I played illegally.

Sarina Wiegman’s Parents were so supportive of their daughter, even as a child, that they would go out of their way to ensure that Sarina got all the opportunities her brother got as a player.

She recalls her parents cutting her hair short and making her look like a boy because she wanted to join a team.

Otherwise, the coach wouldn’t have let her enter the team If they knew she was a girl.

Sarina added, “I had concise hair and looked slightly like a boy. My parents were OK, and I had a twin brother, so we just started to play, and everyone said that’s OK.”

On every one of her wins, she never forgets to show her gratitude towards her parents, especially her father, who supported her playing football and her first coach.

Does Sarina Wiegman Want Her Daughters To Be Athletes Too?

Sarina is not only lucky when it comes to her parents, but she also has made a very loving family of herself with her football player husband, Marten Glotzbach.

Her husband is often seen on the grounds with Sarina. He also currently works as a coach.

Sarina and Marten share two beautiful daughters, Sacha and Lauren Goldbach.

Lauren does not play football professionally like the rest of her family, but Sacha has been trying to make her career in football like her parents.

The family shares a very close bond. They are seen coming together for any of the member’s achievements.

Recently, they were photographed at one of the events celebrating Sarina’s achievements as a woman in football.

Sarina says in an interview,

I am so happy that my daughters grew up in a generation where girls are not restricted to do anything they want, Id love both of my daughters to peruse whatever it is that they want in life.


What nationality is the coach of the Lionesses?

Sarina Wiegman is the ‘genius’ Lionesses coach who led England to the final. The Dutch-born coach had wanted to stop England’s long-standing problems, but Spain trounced her Lionesses.

Who Is Sarina Wiegman’s husband?

Sarina Wiegman also played for local team HSV Celeritas, where she was able to join the women’s squad. She’s married to Marten Glotzbach.

What Is Sarina Wiegman’s net worth?

Sarina Wiegman’s estimated net worth is around $2 million.

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