Sammy Brauner Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is Manuela Tischler Partner?

Sammy Brauner Wikipedia

The TV journalist Manuela Tischler was found lifeless in Lake Wössner when she went swimming, which worried her partner Sammy Brauner. But who is her partner? Learn about Sammy Brauner’s Wikipedia information below.

Sammy Brauner is known for his role as production manager on the 1990 historical war drama film Europa Europa, which won the Golden Globe for most Foreign Language Film and was nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay in 1992.

He worked on the picture with the well-known Polish film and television director Agnieszka Holland and actors Marco Hofschneider, Hanns Zischler, Julie Delpy, and André Wilms.

In addition to being a production manager, Sammy is an entrepreneur and a real estate broker, albeit little is known about his business ventures.

Unfortunately, he died in Berlin on July 7, 2019, at the age of 100.

He was a Holocaust survivor who had made significant donations to Israel’s official monument for Holocaust victims, Yad Vashem. He described it as the “crowning achievement of my film career.”

Sammy Brauner Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is Manuela Tischler Partner?

Manuela Tischler’s late partner is Sammy or Samuel Brauner, the son of the well-known German film producer Artur Brauner.

Sammy Brauner was born in Berlin, West Germany when the country was still divided between East and West Germany. He has three siblings: two sisters, Fela and Alice, and a brother, Henry.

Unfortunately, Sammy Brauner’s parents, Artur Brauner and Maria died in 2019 and 2017, leaving him with his three other siblings, whom he considers his family.

Sammy Brauner with his partner Manuela Tischler. (Source: Getty Images)

The eldest sibling, Fela, is 63 years old, implying she was born about 1960, and the youngest is Alice, born January 12, 1966.

So, while we don’t know Sammy’s exact age, we do know he was born after 1960 but before 1966.

Based on the arithmetic, Sammy should be in his late 50s or 60s. Given that his partner Manuela Tischler was 58 years old, he is probably 59 or in his 60s.

Perhaps the most famous one of Sammy’s siblings is Alice Brauner, who has carried on the legacy of Artur as a producer and writer. Notably, she is well-known for her work on Wunderkinder and Golem & Crescendo.

Perhaps the most well-known of Sammy’s siblings is Alice Brauner, who has continued Artur’s tradition as a producer and writer. Her notable works include Wunderkinder and Golem & Crescendo.

According to the New York Times, Artur even claimed that after he turned 100 when discussing scripts with Alice, “As soon as I am no longer around.” I can stop working.

After his death, Alice took over control of CCC Filmkunst.

Alice has also served as the managing director of CCC Filmkunst’s subsidiary, CCC Cinema und Television GmbH, since 2008.

She established the Munich CCC Cinema and Television GmbH branch a year later.


What Was Sammy Brauner’s Net Worth?

Sammy Brauner’s estimated net worth was around $500K.

Where Was Sammy Brauner’s Ethnicity?

Sammy Brauner was of German Descent.

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