Is Pierce Abernathy Partner Troye Sivan? Dating And Relationship Timeline

Pierce Abernathy Partner

Questions about who Pierce Abernathy partner have surfaced online after Troye Sivan’s recent interview with Vanity Fair. Read more to find out the truth!

American recipe blogger and Instagram sensation Pierce Abernathy is well-known for his incredible recipes and food blogs on his Instagram.

He frequently posts glimpses of his lifestyle and fantastic food and recipes.

With his knowledge of the subject and easygoing disposition, he has become a role model for many.

His stylish appearance, distinctive attire, and dapper demeanor have stolen the hearts of many of his followers, including pop singer Troye Sivan!

Fans are always looking for news on Pierce Abernathy partner and dating life. Recent updates hint that the young food blogger is indeed dating someone!

Is Troye Sivan Pierce Abernathy’s Partner?

The 28-year-old singer and pop artist Troye Sivan was recently interviewed by Vanity Fair, where he took a lie detector test as part of the interview.

The “Rush” singer is brutally honest in his lie detector test. He spoke his heart out and said some pretty bold statements.

He casually compared his acting abilities to those of Lady Gaga and Cher (Goddess of Pop), criticized Drake’s home, mocked Kelly Clarkson, and got angry at Beyoncé concert-goers.

Despite all the highly straightforward answers Sivan gave during the interview, fans are stuck at the moment he confessed to having a massive crush on Pierce Abernathy.

The singer further added,

I think he knows, though.

To tell a more compelling story, Sivan spoke about discovering that his celebrity crush, Abernathy, was dating one of his friends.

This proves that the rumors about Pierce and Troye being involved in a romantic relationship are untrue.

However, it has now raised many questions and interest about who Pierce Abernathy’s partner is.

Pierce Abernathy’s Dating And Relationship Timeline

Even though Pierce Abernathy makes a living by posting lifestyle and food recipe content online, he is not as transparent with his personal life.

Updates regarding Pierce Abernathy’s partner and love life are not available online. His social media suggests that the young food blogger is single and not involved with anyone.

Fans only know that Pierce Abernathy’s partner is Troye Sivan’s friend.

With a quickly increasing following on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, the 27-year-old food enthusiast is focused on his path to success.

Many believe this to be the reason his love life is, in fact, on hold at the moment. But there is no way to confirm this as info on Pierce Abernathy’s partner and relationship is limited.

Abernathy is a supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community and speaks about it publicly quite often. This has led fans to speculate that he also identifies as queer.

However, Pierce has neither confirmed nor denied the accusations, successfully keeping his personal life private once again.

Fans were ecstatic when Sivan spoke about Pierce AbAbernathy’sartner. However, the interview revealed very little, and the private food blogger has not given any hints.

For the time being, Pierce AbAbernathy’sartner remains a mystery.


Where is Pierce Abernathy based?

Pierce Abernathy is a New York-based cook, recipe developer, model, and champion for slow food. Through his seasonal, plant-forward recipes, he offers popular cooking vignettes to encourage others in the kitchen.

Where does the last name Abernathy originate?

Abernethy is a Scottish surname derived from Orm de Abernethy, a grandson of Gille Míchéil, Earl of Fife, who likely resided at Abernethy, Perth and Kinross. The name is of non-Gaelic Pictish origin, derived from when the Caledonian Welsh or Britons ruled these territories.

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