Are Oliver Anthony Brother And Sister For Real? Family

Oliver Anthony Brother

The ballad Rich Men North of Richmond by Oliver Anthony has gone viral overnight, making people interested in his family, starting from Oliver Anthony brother and sister rumors.

Born in Farmville, Virginia, 31-year-old Oliver Anthony is an American country singer and songwriter who captivates audiences with his relatable songwriting, distinctive voice, and authentic storytelling.

Going back in 2013, Oliver suffered a significant injury when he had a fractured skull from a nasty fall.

It eventually made him move back to Virginia since the injury was complicated, leading him to about six months of bed rest.

After recovery, Oliver found a job in outside sales in industrial manufacturing. This role allowed him to travel and meet hardworking people in job sites and factories.

After some time, he became accustomed to hearing similar stories from others, realizing that many were frustrated with being ignored, divided, and manipulated.

Are Oliver Anthony’s Brother And Sister For Real?

With the overnight success, there has been much interest in Oliver Anthony’s brothers and sisters and whether they exist.

However, there has been no news, nor has Oliver confirmed whether he has any brother or sister. So, it remains undetermined.

Unless someone close to him or he introduces them, there’s no way to validate the rumor of Oliver Anthony brother or any other siblings.

Neither has there been any information about having cousins.

So, any close bonding or personal matters regarding Oliver Anthony’s brother and sister are left for guessing. But regarding his parents, various sources have revealed much information.

Oliver Anthony Family: Parents Biography

Oliver Anthony’s father, Stephen Lunsford, was born in 1960 and is the son of James Lunsford and Eunice Lunsford. Oliver’s grandmother, Eunice, is 82 and resides in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Another half of Oliver’s parents, his mother, Connie Lunsford, was born in 1963 and works as a realtor at Swearingen Realty Co., specializing in real estate transactions.

According to, she has been in the business for over 5 years and has closed 88 sales with a value of over $15 million.

Connie Lunsford was born to Anthony Ingle and Christine Ingle. Her father, Anthony Ingle, is currently in his early 90s and lives in Colonial Heights, Virginia. However, her mother, Christine Ingle, passed away in November 2011 at the age of 74.

The late Christine was a compassionate and valued community member. She dedicated her efforts to the Alcohol Drug Counselor Office (ADCO) at Fort Lewis.

She was very caring and counseled many people to find their path.

Additionally, she was an active Crowder Memorial Baptist Church member and taught Sunday school. She also served as a deacon and contributed her voice to the choir.

Christine enjoyed quilting, oil painting, and playing the piano and guitar.

She cherished moments spent with her family and friends and was preceded in death by her parents, Robert L. and Lizzie E. Scott, as well as her brother, Lynwood Scott.

Getting back to Oliver Anthony, when he introduced himself in his Facebook post, he revealed his legal name to be Christopher Anthony Lunsford.

He had adopted the name “Oliver Anthony Music” in dedication to his grandfather, Oliver Anthony, from his mother’s side.


Did Oliver Anthony break Taylor Swift’s record?

America’s Last Line of Defense – Oliver Anthony broke Taylor Swift’s concert attendance record “without even trying.”

Does Oliver Anthony have a wife?

Anthony was born and reared in the Piedmont region of Virginia and now lives in Farmville, Virginia. Anthony resided with his wife and two children in a $750 camper on an off-grid 90-acre farm in August 2023, where he said he planned to raise animals.

What kind of music is Oliver Anthony?

Oliver Anthony is a Virginia country-folk singer, composer, and guitarist who went from obscurity to the top of the US pop and country charts in 2023 with his self-released single “Rich Men North of Richmond.”

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