Meet Mia Owens, Ken Carson’s Girlfriend: Wikipedia and Age

Ken Carson Girlfriend

The current frenzy in the rap industry is circulating Ken Carson’s girlfriend, and people’s searches are leaning toward Mia Owens. Continue reading for more details.

Kenyatta Lee Frazier Jr., a well-known American rapper and record producer known as Ken Carson, was born on April 11, 2000, in Atlanta.

Ken broke into the music industry in 2015 through his uncle, legendary record producer and DJ TM88, who signed him as a rapper to 808 Mafia.

Ken began publishing his music on Soundcloud in 2017, which helped him establish clout in the underground rap industry.

Playboy Carti, a well-known rapper and musician, noticed him after he gained prominence following the album release. Carti signed Ken to his “Opium” label in 2019.

Then, on July 23, 2021, Ken launched his debut studio album, Project X, which proved to be a huge success and garnered much attention on social media.

Meet Ken Carson Girlfriend: Wikipedia And Social Media

Mia Owens, Ken Carson’s girlfriend, is primarily a social media influencer with a sizable fan base across various platforms. Mia is also an entrepreneur who has ventured into the jewelry sector.

As stated on her official website, she is fascinated by jewelry. She currently sources jewelry primarily from women-owned businesses.

The company’s name is “Mia Naomi Jewelry,” its products include bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, and more.

Her jewelry brand’s motto is “Curated with Love.” The product costs range from $10 to $150, with free shipping inside the United States.

Despite Ken Carson’s girlfriend being a budding entrepreneur, her Wikipedia profile contains no additional information. However, Ken Carson has a Wikipedia page dedicated to him.

Meanwhile, Mia’s social media following is pretty significant, with 47.1k followers on her Instagram account.

What Is Mia Owens’s Age? Underage Controversy

Mia Owens is not officially known as Ken Carson’s girlfriend. However, the two are frequently spotted together, which has sparked speculations of a connection.

People are usually curious about Ken Carson’s girlfriend because he is a well-known rapper who works for a large music label. However, most of their relationship appears to be under wraps.

Nonetheless, Mia is thought to be underage, and their relationship has sparked controversy.

Furthermore, there is no definite information about her age, and complications have been reported in their purported relationship.

In early 2023, Ken Carson issued a Twitter rage implying he was single.

However, Mia responded to the accusations by posting a video with Ken on her YouTube page. The video, uploaded in May 2023, shows them together.

Regardless, Mia herself, although being Ken Carson’s girlfriend, appears to maintain a tight bond. This demonstrates that their relationship is solid.

Mia also appears to have an entrepreneurial mindset, demonstrating her potential. She can use a solid social media following to grow her business.


How did Ken Carson get famous?

He began earning fame after meeting song producer TM88 in 2015 and signing with 808 Mafia as a rapper.

Is Ken Carson a trap artist?

In recent years, Ken Carson, an Atlanta-based Hip Hop and Trap musician, has produced some of the most exhilarating and avant-garde music. His most recent album, “XTENDED,” released in 2022, showcases his unique style and approach, which is dramatic, mysterious, and intriguing.

Is Ken Carson still underground?

Ken Carson’s third studio album, “A Great Chaos,” was released on October 13. Throughout his career, rapper Ken Carson has alternated between underground and mainstream music, but his new album, which was released on October 13, may cement his place in the latter.

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