Lexi Rivera Parents: Mother Laura Rivera And Father John Rivera

Lexi Rivera Parents

As a huge social media influencer with millions of followers across various platforms, it’s only natural that the spotlight would also be on Lexi Rivera’s parents. Learn more about them in the article.

Lexi Rivera, born Alexa Brooke Rivera, was born on June 7, 2001, and has grown to be one of the most influential social media personalities on the internet.

Rivera started her journey on YouTube in 2010, but her account was deactivated two years later, in 2012.

Lexi Rivera’s content often revolves alipsyncingyncing, pranks, and humor, which is how she established her fanbase and viewers.

She is also part of a famous YouTube squad, AMP World, with other famous individuals like Brent Rivera, Andrew Davila, Ben Azelart, and more.

People have wondered about Lexi Rivera’s parents, who gave birth to two popular stars, Lexi Rivera and Brent Rivera.

Lexi Rivera Parents: Mother Laura Rivera And Father John Rivera

Lexi Rivera’s parents are Laura Rivera and John Rivera, who married each other in April 1990. So they have been married for over 32 years now.

According to various social media posts, her father, John Rivera, is a shop owner and a Los Angeles County Fire Department captain. He graduated from Millikan High School in 1980 and celebrated his birthday every August 27.

On the other hand, her mother, Laura Rivera, is a housewife and a professional teacher. She celebrates her birthday on November 17.

The Rivera couple has given birth to four children: Brice Rivera, Blake Rivera, Brent Rivera, and Lexi Rivera. Brice is the oldest, and Lexi is the youngest and the only daughter.

Lexi Rivera says that her mother, Laura, is the greatest inspiration to her and admires her mother. But, apart from that, there’s not much information on Lexi Rivera’s parents.

Meanwhile, most viewers probably already know that Laura and John Rivera have supported their children’s careers. They have been their number-one fans since the first day and continue to show their support.

You can catch a glimpse of them in both Lexi and Brent Rivera’s videos from time to time.

Everyone In The Rivera Family Is Close To Each Other

All six members of the Rivera family, including Lexi Rivera’s parents, share a solid connection.

Even though their lives can be pretty busy often, they always find time for each other and spend meaningful moments together.

Their social media profiles show they celebrate birthdays, vacations, and other special times as a united group. They even post pictures from their vacations, showing they enjoy leisure time together, and that is not limited only to the siblings.

In 2020, Lexi Rivera posted a “Spin the Dare Wheel Challenge” video on her channel that starred her whole family. The video highlights the closeness that they share.

Also, she often puts up prank videos involving her siblings and parents, showcasing their fun-loving dynamic.


Did Lexi and Andrew ever date?

Lexi Rivera and Andrew Davila are undoubtedly in a relationship. They formally recognized their relationship in 2021 in a YouTube video titled “My Ex Meets My New Boyfriend,” in which they shared the news with their followers.

Why is Lexi Rivera so famous?

She acquired prominence throughout her social media platforms, including her brother, Brent Rivera, who is one of the most famous individuals on social media; viral videos on TikTok, and pranks in her YouTube videos and TikTok videos.

What is Lexi Rivera’s net worth?

Lexi Rivera’s estimated net worth is around $10 million.

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