Juvaughn Harrison Parents: Father Dennis Anthony Blake And Mother Georgia Harrison

Juvaughn Harrison Parents

Professional athlete, Juvaughn Harrison’s parents, were also successful athletes who competed in different competitions. They are genuinely proud of their son’s achievements at such a young age.

On June 27, 2021, Juvaughn Harrison, an American high and long jumper, performed his best in the long and high jump and earned a spot in the American Olympic Trials.

On March 12, 2021, he set new personal records in the high jump and long jump at the Indoor Track & Field Championships.

His new high jump mark was 2.30 meters, while his new long jump record was 8.45 meters. The long jump and high jump records had never been broken simultaneously.

Who Are Juvaughn Harrison’s Parents? Dennis Anthony Blake And Georgia Harrison

Juvaughn Krishna Harrison was born to Jamaican parents Dennis Anthony Blake and Georgia Harrison on April 30, 1999, in Huntsville, Alabama.

Like him, Harrison’s parents were also athletes. Juvaughn Harrison parents are fantastic role models and are believed to be his inspiration.

Harrison’s father, Dennis Anthony Blake, is a retired Jamaican sprinter; his mother, Georgia Harrison, was also a gifted athlete.

Dennis competed in several international events, including the Summer Olympics in 1992, the Pan American Games in 1995, and the Summer Olympics in 1996.

He received a bronze medal in each of the Olympic events in the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia.

Juvaughn’s mother, Georgia, participated in the 100-meter sprint and 100-meter hurdles competitions during her college days.

She also participated in four All-American seasons and competed as a hurdler and runner in the middle of the 1990s.

Dennis’s athletic abilities and competition victories earned him a scholarship to study for two years at Blinn Junior College in Texas.

Juvaughn Harrison’s parents attended Alabama A&M University, where they showed exceptional athletic skills and were endowed with different awards and trophies.

Juvaughn Harrison’s parents were also a part of Alabama A&M University’s Athletics Hall of Fame. His father was a part of 2006, while his mother was a part of 2014.

Dennis won the Abbott Award and was named the “Most Valuable Player” at the SIAC tournament. He received this accolade due to his exceptional track and field performance.

Georgia attended GC Foster College after completing her elementary and secondary school at St. Jago High School.

While living in Jamaica, she excelled as an athlete, especially in hurdling and running. She even participated in several sporting events.

Her excellence in athletic competition earned her an offer of a track scholarship from Alabama A&M University.


Why did JuVAUGHN Harrison change his name?

After his first year in Baton Rouge, the son of Jamaican 4×4 bronze champion Dennis Blake and Alabama A&M Hall of Famer Georgia Harrison decided to adopt his mother’s name. He continues, “My mother was the one who cared for me. She was my primary caregiver.

What Is Juvaughn Harrison’s height?

Juvaughn Harrison stands at the height of 6′ 4.

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