Helmut Aiwanger Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is Politician Hubert Aiwanger Brother?

Helmut Aiwanger Wikipedia

Amidst the news of an anti-semitic pamphlet linked to the German politician Hubert Aiwanger and his brother Helmut, netizens are looking online for more info. Still, there is no separate Helmut Aiwanger Wikipedia page to cover the story.

Born on January 26, 1971, in Ergoldsbach, Germany, Hubert Aiwanger is a politician who holds a significant position within the Free Voters Party.

He attended Burkhart-Gymnasium in Mallersdorf-Pfaffenberg and studied agricultural sciences at the Weihenstephan Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences.

Aiwanger joined the Free Voters party just before the council elections in 2002 and rose through the party ranks.

He eventually became a member of the regional council of Rottenburg and the county council in Landshut. But his position is under threat as news of an anti-Semitic pamphlet broke.

Helmut Aiwanger Wikipedia: Anti-Semitic Pamphlet Scandal Explained

Hubert and his brother were recently intertwined in a controversy regarding an anti-Semitic pamphlet.

The Aiwanger brothers, Hubert and Helmut, are close in age and attended the same secondary school. The incident with the anti-Semitic leaflet occurred during their school years.

It was reported that Hubert wrote the anti-Semitic pamphlet and is being criticized for it.

The Bavaria-only Free Voters party leader initially denied involvement in writing the anti-Semitic pamphlet.

The leaflet was distributed during the 1987/88 school year and parodied a national history competition. It contained mocking references to Nazi concentration camps and the Holocaust.

Bavarian State Premier Markus Söder called the pamphlet ‘downright disgusting‘ and demanded Aiwanger’s response to the allegations.

He stated that he did not write the paper in question, found its content disgusting and inhumane, and knew the author’s identity.

Further, Hubert mentioned that the author would explain themselves and that he was considering legal action.

Later, Hubert Aiwanger’s elder brother, Helmut Aiwanger, came forward and admitted to being the leaflet’s author.

He said he had written and distributed the document during the 1987/88 school year.

Helmut Aiwanger expressed regret for the consequences of his actions and explained that he was upset about having to repeat a year in school at the time.

He mentioned that he was still a minor when he wrote the leaflet.

Helmut Aiwanger indicated that his motivation for writing and distributing the leaflet was his frustration and anger over having to repeat a year of school.

He described being furious about his academic failure and separated from his classmates.

Although Helmut can’t avoid this information on Helmut Aiwanger’s Wikipedia, he doesn’t want this to affect his brother.

Both Hubert and Helmut Aiwanger share the same initial, which might have confused the authorship of the leaflet.


Is Helmut Aiwanger Married?

Yes, The politician Helmut Aiwanger is married.

What is Helmut Aiwanger’s Net Worth?

Helmut Aiwanger’s estimated net worth is around $1 million.

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