Is Destroy Lonely Girlfriend Ayisha Mia? Relationship And Dating History

Destroy Lonely Girlfriend

Destroy Lonely is the talk of the rap community with his rapid rise to fame. So, attention also rose to Destroy Lonely’s girlfriend and who she might be. 

Bobby Wardell Sandimanie III, better known as Destroy Lonely, was born on July 30, 2001, and is an American rapper making waves in the music industry.

Reflecting on his adolescence, Destroy Lonely spent a substantial amount of time alone, which explains the “Lonely” component of his stage name.

Destroy Lonely’s musical career began at 14 when he began writing songs in a recording studio at his school.

On September 25, he released his third mixtape,
As Destroy Lonely’s star continues to climb, there is still a lot of curiosity about him, particularly his girlfriend.

Is Destroy Lonely Girlfriend Ayisha Mia? Relationship And Receiving Hate News

Destroy Lonely is quiet and has not revealed much about himself or his family. He currently has only three posts on his Instagram account.

Numerous stories have been told about Destroy Lonely’s girlfriend, but many fans have confirmed that she is named Ayisha Mia.

There is also little information beyond her Instagram bio, which states that she is a designer.

Ayisha also has a website called However, the website only provides the “shop” and “gallery” buttons, which lead nowhere.

Perhaps the entire website’s content is hidden or suffers a problem.

Ayisha Mia once shared an Instagram story with a phone and files open, titled “Destroy Lonely *NEW ALBUM*.” This also establishes her identity as the supposed Destroy Lonely girlfriend.

Moving forward, there is no information on Destroy Lonely’s relationship or dating history with Ayisha Mia. As a result, their previous relationship is currently unknown.

When it was confirmed that Ayisha Mia was the girlfriend of rising star Destroy Lonely, fans hated her.

Ayisha Mia’s four Instagram images have earned hundreds of likes, with comments such as “break up,” “stay away from lone,” “im hating all day,” and so on.

But she hasn’t let the hate get to her, and she appears to be doing well. Some people are supportive of her, albeit in small numbers.


Where is Destroying Lonely from?

Bobby Wardell Sandimanie III (born July 30, 2001), also known as Destroy Lonely, is an American rapper and singer-songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia.

Is Destroy Lonely related to Ludacris?

It’s unclear whether they’re blood-related, but Lone continually refers to Ludacris.

How many albums does Destroy Lonely have?

American rapper Destroy Lonely’s discography includes one studio album, five mixtapes, eight EPs, two collaborative EPs, and one single.

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