Has Charla Nash Done Face Surgery? Face Looks So Different


Charla Nash underwent facial surgery after being attacked by a chimpanzee that tore off her face.

Charla Nash sustained brain damage when she was mauled by her friend Sandra Herold’s pet chimp, Travis, who viciously gouged out her eyes and gnawed off her hands and face.

Even today, Nash continues to recover from the traumatic attack. Since the incident, discussions regarding the ownership of exotic animals have gained prominence.

Has Charla Nash Done Face Surgery?

Yes, Charla Nash underwent facial surgery after the horrific attack.

In May, she underwent an extensive 20-hour operation to replace her torn-off hands and receive a new face, following the mauling by a friend’s pet chimpanzee in 2009.

Below is a picture showing her appearance before and after the surgery.

Charla Nash’s face before and after surgery

On February 16, 2009, tragedy struck when Travis the Chimp, a beloved chimpanzee who had gained popularity nationwide over the years, brutally attacked Charla Nash, a close friend of his owner.

As a result of the attack, Nash suffered disfigurement while Travis was killed. The incident was attributed to Travis’ progressively unstable behavior.

Travis had known Charla Nash since he was a child, but in 2009, he turned violent and attacked her.

It’s a challenging task to determine which is more harrowing: Sandra Herold’s desperate sobs during the 911 call as she recounts her beloved chimp “eating” her friend’s face or the ape’s hysterical screams.

During the call, Sandra implores authorities to rush to her house and shoot Travis, the animal she had nurtured as her son for the past 14 years, a process that agonizingly lasted for 12 minutes, as reported by the Daily Star.

Despite police intervention, Travis was ultimately killed. Meanwhile, Charla Nash, his victim, miraculously survived. However, one could argue that her life, in many respects, abruptly changed forever that day.

Who Was Travis The Chimp? He Attacked Charla Nash

Travis, the chimpanzee, had garnered fame and affection as an animal performer in his Connecticut community. However, tragedy struck in 2009 when he viciously attacked his friend, Charla Nash, nearly ripping her face off.

Sandra, Travis’ caretaker, often referred to as his “mom,” had asked Charla to help put Travis back into his enclosure. To everyone’s shock, Travis suddenly turned aggressive, assaulting Charla and causing severe injuries by biting off her hands and face.

In a terrifying demonstration of primal power, Travis inflicted grievous wounds, including tearing off Charla’s nose and eyelids.

Travis And Charla

He violently ripped one of her arms, tore off her scalp, gouged out her eyeballs, and consumed them, as well as completely biting off one of her hands.

Charla suffered brain damage, and her jaw was forcibly detached from her skull.

The exact trigger for Travis’ sudden aggression remains a mystery. Despite being a familiar local presence, enjoying activities like eating lobster at restaurants, owning a pet cat, and even riding a lawnmower, something caused him to snap on that fateful day.

Sandra was the sole witness capable of shedding light on the attack’s cause, given Charla’s severe injuries.

She recounted how Travis aggressively approached Charla, then stood on his hind legs before launching the savage assault. This included pinning Charla against her car and viciously attacking her face and hands.

In a desperate bid to halt his rampage, Sandra struck him repeatedly with a shovel and stabbed him in the back with a carving knife, briefly subduing him.

As she fled to safety and locked herself in her car, she remembered how Travis turned to look at her before she drove away.

Sandra Had Given Travis A Tablet Of Anti-Anxiety Medication

Sandra later admitted to administering a tablet of the potent anti-anxiety medication Xanax to Travis in his morning tea when she noticed signs of agitation in him.

She suggested that Charla’s distinctive hairstyle may have triggered Travis’s violent reaction.

However, it’s also plausible that by the age of 14, the 200-pound ape’s instincts had become overpowering, or perhaps he had grown weary of the unnatural lifestyle he led, which involved preparing his own microwave meals, indulging in wine for dinner, and using the restroom like a human.

Sandra paid $50,000 to acquire Travis as an infant chimpanzee from a breeder and had cared for him since he was only three days old.

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